Bootstrap is the world’s number 1 most used CSS framework due to the fact it is well tested and cross browser compatible. It’s actual name is Twitter Bootstrap as it was created by a couple of UI developers when Twitter was first created, to ensure a solid and consistent front end styling.

As you know UI (User Interface) kits are also very popular and well to create solid looking web front ends.

Some of the benefits of using Bootstrap based UI KITS:

  • Never pixelate as are CSS and Icon (svg) based
  • Look great on all devices as Bootstrap is fully mobile responsive
  • Work on all browsers
  • Change the colour very quickly and easily

Today we share with you 10 FREE Bootstrap based UI KITS!

Metro Vibe

Funky Tunes

Dark Velvet

Modern Touch

Material Mobile UI KIT

Flatto UIKIT

Interface Ui Kit

Transparent UI Kit

The Force – Bootstrap Skin & UI Kit

Elemento – Bootstrap skin