You may be aware of the importance of having a landing page to capture the email addresses of potential customers.

But how do you really increase the number of people that sign up?

A few years ago people wouldn’t hesitate too much to give away their email addresses for newsletters.

And as the amount of spam emails increased in our inbox, we became more hesitant to give away our email addresses.

Even if your landing page looks ultra slick and professional, there still exists the hesitancy in people’s mind about parting with their email address.

Here I will show you 2 proven ways that you should implement on your landing pages to increase your signup rate.

1. Treat your customers

Everybody likes a gift!

Offering your potential customers a FREE gift is a proven method that makes them willing to part with their email address.

If you can incentivise by giving them something of value in return for their email address, then potential customers are happy to trade their details.

If you’re stuck for ideas or the time to come up with a decent gift I have found 3 particular gifts that work rather well:

· Short eBooks
(5–10 pages that solve a problem in detail with images)

· Industry reports
(Illustrating interesting data)

· Interesting facts about your industry
(Infographics work exceptionally well)

More recently, as a gift, I have given access to short 2–3 minute videos, with the contents of one the 3 methods listed above.

I found that the people who sign up for videos have often shared the landing page with friends.

Videos are working amazingly at the moment.

Your video can just be a video that literally transitions between images, having a voice over will add value to your customers.

If you want to outsource the creation of gifts, I have found to be a lifesaver.

On Fiverr you can get almost anything done for you by highly rated people starting from just $5.

To find the best sellers make sure to check the seller’s feedback on their profiles.

The final proven way to increase online leads is…

2. Button wording

What text does your main call to action button use to prompt users to press it?

If it is something like ‘Signup’, ‘Join’ or ‘Submit’ then you could be limiting the amount of people that hit the button.

You see just before someone is about to give away a personal detail, like an email address, even though they are ready and want to, a strange phenomena often occurs!

Just as people are about to hit the button they suddenly stop, have a change of mind and leave your page!

What just happened?

A recent breakthrough in research proved that the text of the main call to action button has a massive impact on whether people actually commit to hitting the button.

Words like ‘Signup’, ‘Join’ or ‘Submit’ don’t have the same meanings they used to.

Now-a-days most people subconsciously associate such words as,

‘Signup’, ‘Join’ or ‘Submit’,

with memories of spammy old emails and causes them to cancel out at the last milli-second.

A better way is to use words that relate to the format of the incentivised gift they want to receive from you.

For example access to a video would have ‘Watch Now’ or for access to an industry report, the button text might be ‘Learn Now’.

To find out the best converting button text for your landing page we recommend using a split testing service like

This will allow you to split the traffic to different variants of your landing pages (with different button text) so you can easily see which button text converts better for you.


Just making the 2 methods shared above to your landing pages will increase your click through rate.

I have found on my personal projects increases of up to 84% in conversions.

Take the time to offer your potential prospects relevant and irroestiable FREE gifts and you can see big gains in trust and ultimately business.