Improving online profits is one of the most painful points of running any business nowadays.

Some websites generate online profit seamlessly month on month, whereas others struggle.

What are the differences between such websites?

In fact, what would it mean to your online presence if we could uncover one key piece?

This key piece is indeed the difference between like-for-like sites that perform average, and ones that perform amazingly financially.

So what is the big secret?

When people arrive on a website, it is one of the worst fears that they enter (usual from a costly Pay Per Click advertisement) and leave without buying or leaving any contact point(s) that you could counter on.

And sure you can track the activity, entry and exit of users, but what is it that really makes them want to engage and buy?

Social Proofing is one key piece that will see your online profit increase.

What does Social Proofing actually mean?

“Social proof (also known as informational social influence) is a psychological and social phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior in a given situation.”

Reference Wikipedia

As human beings we care greatly about what others think, say and do.

Usually we make ourselves the focal point of potential customers attention, however you need to show your services and products in the limelight – and what it will actual do for your customers and what it means.

People typically care more about what a service or product will do for them, rather than information just about the company itself.

Engaging copy on your website about your products and services is proven to increase conversions, especially if you show your features and benefits to potential customers.

But one of the best unknown secrets is to make social proofing one of the most centric parts of your site.

This means that readers are greatly driven by what other people have said about your services and products.

If you can show people on your site how your services and products have made someone elses life better in any way, then you are well on your way to doubling profits online!

You can say whatever you want about your own products and services, but if some else says the same it is must be true!

We are not simply on about having reviews on your services and products, we are on about having a strategic and measurable ‘social-proofing’ plan.

Here’s what you can do to improve your social proofing online!

Create detailed customer case studies

How somebody was prior to using your services and products then in detail, with plenty of pictures show what you did to move them to a solution that worked for them.
Carousels work very well in this case.

Media Mentions

Have you or your services/products ever been mentioned in the media?
If not you should look for ways you can create some PR (Public Relations), this can be a powerful technique.

Trust Seals

Using ‘trust seals’ on your site like Norton and McAfee can increase trust and ultimately sales on your website.

Certifications and Badges

You should clearly show on your site any accreditations or industry groups that your company maybe be a member of.

This shows you are serious about your business and can add real rewards for your conversion rates.

Social Media mentions

You should show images of the tweets and posts that people have positively made about you on social media.

This technique is very powerful as it actually shows what people think about you, try to capture and retweets, shares and likes of these comments

Show ‘Best Sellers’ and ‘Customers also bought…’

Strategically using ‘Best Sellers’ and ‘Customers also bought…’ as part of your social proof plan, you are showing potential customers what other customers liked and bought.


Social proofing certainly is something you need to promote to get the best possible results for yourself.

It can be a boring thing to contemplate, but put the time in and speak to your web people to see how to integrate social proofing to your sites, and you will indeed experience massive gains for your efforts.